From School to cool!!

Chalk board paint has come a long way since MC=E2. Although it is nothing new it is popping up all over people homes with more creativity than ever. It not just for kids anymore. Chalk board paint is now adorning everything from family calendars, menus, love notes and precious works of art.

Great background for a white buffet. You can display everything from the party menu to a fun quote.
“Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first”. Love it

Create a one of a kind wall paper that can change with your mood.

This is perfect for my parties, when after a few glasses people always forget who glass is whose.
Wine glasses dipped in chalk board paint

When you are low on art grab a piece with chalk and Voila! Love this industrial steam-punk look.
Although I live in Seattle so that umbrella will need to be real.

Hope this inspires you as it did for me. My latest chalk board project I painted the back of 2 white bookcase to turn it into a impromptu bar. Martini anyone?


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