working_on_house_projectsThe intial consultation is a great platform for both you and Le Rêve Interiors to discuss needs, tastes, fees, timelines, etc. We understand that in most instances a prospective client does not want to pay a consultation fee to a designer whom they never have worked with before. Therefore we do not charge an initial consultation fee.

Most often clients do not fully understand the services of an interior designer and must be educated on what “we” as designers can offer them. Like any colaboration whether personal or business, a certain level of trust must be established before a genuine relationship can develop.

To help this process, we typically schedule the initial consultation at the client’s home or job site where we can get a clear idea of the client’s project and personality. The meeting typically lasts for an hour and provides a great opportunity for both parties to understand the scope of the project. This invaluable time also gives us the chance to give you detailed description of the services Le Rêve Interiors can offer. During the consultation you will receive a professional design persecutive and a clear path to enhance the beauty, function and value of your home, thereafter an accurate proposal can be presented.